Why Seqrly?

Making your logins more secure!

Alternative to passwords

Passwords are so passé!

Alternatives are available today - more secure, and importantly, more intuitive!

Seqrly wants to bring those options to you! Start using your phone to login, today!


Do you know if someone is trying to hack your bank account from the other side of globe?

Seqrly gives you that visibility. You can optionally set alerts in case such a thing happens.

Your policy

You know best how important a web site is for you - no one else should dictate that. So, if you think that a particular site has your sensitive data, you secure that site with stronger logins. If a site is not that important, then you choose less stronger logins for them. You decide!

Seqrly Policies are very powerful.


Duh! Of course, security is core to our DNA. The reason we started Seqrly is, we ourselves are pissed at the pathetic way sites on the internet (even big names) treat our data.

We do only one thing - secure your logins!

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