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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is data encrypted in database?

Yes, absolutely. We use industry standard AES-128 encryption algorithm to encrypt all sensivite data in our databases.

How secure is my data at Seqrly?

We will hold your information as securely as anybody can. However, note that breaches do happen - bad guys are always trying to out-smart the good guys - bad guys may win for short periods of time. In case such a breach happens, you agree that you will not hold Seqrly, Inc. liable for any damages arising out of such a breach. Read Terms and Conditions for complete details.

How about my credentials at other sites?

You are still responsible for securing your online credentials whenever you login to web sites/services directly. Seqrly uses secure technologies to store your credentials and use them for logging you in to web sites/services. Beyond that, you are still responsible for taking all care to secure your identities in all other aspects. Read Terms and Conditions for complete details.

How secure are technologies provided by Seqrly?

We strive to bring you the most secure technologies, but as with any technology, security is driven by safe practices by the user. Also, with time, weaknesses could be found even in technologies that were widely considered as strong at the time they are initially provided. Read Terms and Conditions for complete details.

What kind of liability does Seqrly provide?

You agree that Seqrly will not be held liable for any loss of credentials or unauthorized/illegitimate activities resulting from such stolen credentials. Read Terms and Conditions for complete details.

Is our data shared with any 3rd party?

No, Seqrly does not share any personally identifiable data with any 3rd party. However, we may share 'aggregated' data and may use such data for improving the site performance or add new features. Read Privacy Statement for complete details.

What is my administrative certificate?

Your administrative certificate: You are responsible for storing this securely. If you loose this, and other people get hold of it, those people can easily change your policies and get into your accounts (other web site accounts) easily.This certificate is very important for you. You cannot hold Seqrly, Inc. liable if you loose this certificate in anyway, or other people get to use it in any way. Read Terms and Conditions for complete details.

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