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How Seqrly Helps

Seqrly provides secure alternatives to passwords and custom, location based login policies.

Password alternatives

Seqrly starts by offering you secure alternatives to passwords (note: passwords are also supported).

As of now, we offer

  • OTP (one-time-passwords) sent to your mobile phone (using SMS-based text messaging) or your email
  • Softtoken - a OTP generating application that runs on iOS devices (iPhones and iPads)
  • Digital certificates
  • Traditional passwords - but more intuitive and manageable

Even though these are just a handful, they are a good beginning. You can start being independent of passwords right away.

The goal of Seqrly is to bring more and more such secure technologies to you. As we work with vendors, you will see this list growing.

Custom login policies

Then, you can create location based login policies, allowing you to configure how you login from different locations. For example, you may want an easy way to login from your home, vs. office, vs. another city.

It is a very cool feature that we are sure you will love.

Another cool thing is, you can configure multi-factor authentication (MFA) yourself. MFA is a concept where-in you have to prove your identity in multiple ways in order to login successfully. For example, you can combine a password and OTP sent to your phone (two-factor authentication). What is more, you can assign different settings when you login from home vs. office, vs. other places. For example, you may only require a simple password when logging in from home, a more complex password when logging in from office, and a combination of a complex password and an OTP sent to your phone when logging in from anywhere else.


Seqrly provides you monitor your login policies and the data you have been sharing with each site.

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