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Our Team

Live and breath security, that is us!

How can we bring advanced security technologies to normal users? How can we make people more safe on the internet? How can we empower people to secure their own identities in their own way?

These are the questions this team is passionate about. We want to help people secure their digital identities.

Seqrly brings together a team of experts from the digital identity and network security domains to create this solution.

Seetharama Durbha

Founder & CEO

How do you prove the identity of an entity on the other side of the internet? What are the threats with passwords? Do we have any alternatives? What are the best practices to protect our identity in the digital world?

I am a security architect by profession and these are the questions I have been answering for enterprises in my career. My career spans big names like Cisco and Avaya, as well as startups in security space.

Now, I would like to bring the same protection to ordinary people like you and me. I think that there are plain solutions out there to solve these problems. I would like to bring advanced technologies used in the enterprises to the common man and woman.

With over 17 years of professional experience designing, architecting and building security solutions, I am delighted to have founded Seqrly.

John Silvia

Head, Infrastructure and Network Security

Brings over 30 years computer industry experience from large-scale enterprise networking, telecommunications, local area networking, wide area networking, computer security, software development and online identity management.

John has worked as a software designer, programmer, installer, software support engineer, troubleshooter, network manager, network designer, web developer, telecommunications provisioner, security analyst, hosting engineer and has published work in the anti-spam field as well.

John's professional experience includes Merrill Lynch, Online Software International, CARL Corporation, Telenisus Corporation,, and

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