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Why Seqrly?

Good question - the simple answer is 'We need one place to manage our digital identity, securely!'

So, we have so many secure alternatives to passwords, is anyone offering them?

We understand that some sites - Google, for example - do offer one-time-passwords sent to your phone. But that is just one site. What about others? Is your bank doing it? Is your mortgage company doing it? Is your email company doing it?

Let us for a moment assume that these sites do start offering secure alternatives. How many such alternatives will you have to deal with? Worst case scenario is that each site you deal with chooses a different technology/technique - just like each site now have their own password policies.

It will be untenable for the consumer. It is unnecessary.

At Seqrly, we feel that it is not the site that determines how to secure your login. On the other hand, it should be you who needs to choose the way you want to login! Plain simple philosophy.

That is why we bring security to you! It is a win-win for you and the site you are using. You choose your own security policy. The site does not have to cater to different user populations.

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